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What is Osaka's?

Osaka's offers "A New Way to Eat Japanese" with the introduction of the Osaka Burger, which uses okonomiyaki—a traditional, savory pancake—as a bun in an array of flavor-filled, healthy burger-style sandwiches.


We serve the Osakas Burger, along with other authentic foods and beverages of Japan, with 'omotenashi' (unparalleled Japanese hospitality) in the comfort of contemporary, Japanese ambience.


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At Osaka's, we put the customer first with a spirit of selfless hospitality we Japanese refer to as



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The Osaka Burger, our signature dish, is a fresh take on the traditional Japanese pancake, okonomiyaki. We also feature a variety of other traditional Japanese foods that are sure to delight. We look forward to seeing you for lunch or dinner.


Osaka's is the true Japanese experience brought to America.

2460 Canyon Blvd Suite #1 Boulder, CO 80302

RESERVATIONS: 720-398-9115



MON - SAT: 11:30AM - 2:00PM


MON - THU: 5:00PM - 9:00PM

FRI - SAT: 4:30PM - 9:00PM


SUN: Closed

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