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Osaka Burger

What is an “Osaka Burger  ”?

It's not the traditional hamburger you’re used to. It's a unique sandwich concept that replaces the bun with a savory pancake—a Japanese favorite called okonomiyaki (pronounced oh-ko-no-me-ya-key).



Osaka's fills these okonomiyaki buns with a variety of unique ingredients and Japanese flavors, including beef,

pork, fish, noodles, or vegetables and delivers an easy-to-eat burger-style sandwich like nothing you’ve ever tasted!


The Infinity Symbol within the Osaka Burger logo reveals our commitment to offering an endless array of exquisite Japanese ingredients and flavors within our okonomiyaki buns.

Original Osaka Burger

Teeming with fresh shredded cabbage and other fresh ingredients, with just a touch of flour, the Original Line Osaka Burger features the classic ‘okonomiyaki,' formed into a bun loaded with nutritional value but without calories.


Kale Osaka Burger

Our Osaka Burger kale buns are made with 2.75 ounces (72 grams) of fresh Kale. Kale is among the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. Given its low-calorie and nutrient-dense make-up, kale is among the healthiest foods. Including more kale in your diet is a great way to dramatically increase your valuable nutrient intake while reducing your caloric intake. Kale has a unique flavor profile and tends to be bitter in its raw state. It’s often used in juices and smoothies but with added sweeteners. However, lightly cooking kale will reduce the bitterness and naturally sweeten it.

Osaka’s offers okonomiyaki buns in two styles: original, which is made with cabbage, and gluten-free bun, which is made with kale. Both are healthy and nutritious and bring a new dimension to the classic burger sandwich.

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